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Palisades Road over Brant Lake Inlet Bridge Repairs

Foit-Albert Associates has been retained by the Warren County Department of Public Works to provide design services for the proposed Bridge Replacement Project identified as Palisades Road Bridge (County Route 26) over Brant Lake Inlet by the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT). In compliance with the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) “Locally Administered Federal Aid Procedures Manual”, this locally administered federal aid bridge replacement project involves the replacement of the bridge carrying CR 26 Palisades Road over the Brant Lake Inlet in the Town of Horicon to meet current NYSDOT and AASHTO bridge standards and County directions.

A PSR/FDR was written and necessary acquisitions completed. Survey, mapping, ROW survey and mapping along with investigation into the various environmental aspects of the project are included in the scope of work including interaction with Town of Horicon, Warren County, NYSDOT, ENCON, USCOE and APA.

The abutment substructure units supporting the existing bridge superstructure are severely deteriorated resulting in low element condition ratings and reduced General Recommendation and Sufficiency Ratings for the bridge. The replacement structure will remain on a similar horizontal alignment with minimal vertical alignment adjustment as necessary to address the hydraulic opening and proposed structure type.

The bridge cross section will be increased in width to accommodate NYSDOT, AASHTO and/or County bridge standards. Drainage, utilities, guide rail and adjacent landscaping improvements will be constructed. New signage and pavement markings for the entire project corridor are included that meet current MUTCD standards. A full hydraulic analysis was required.

A privately owned, lakefront beach with a retaining wall was located along the reconstructed roadway. Changes to the roadway profile required that the existing retaining wall be replaced with a new prefabricated wall system. A Redi-Rock product was selected and located to minimize impact to the beach. New stairs were constructed to provide access to the beach. The beach owner was frequently engaged during construction to ensure their satisfaction with the finished retaining wall. The beach was restored to its original condition following completion of the retaining wall.

An on-site detour with stage construction was originally required as the off-site detour was quite long and unacceptable considering emergency response to a camp at the end of the project. Unfortunately, due to a delay in bidding, supply chain delays due to Covid, and a red flag by NYSDOT, construction was accelerated to begin in fall 2021 with completion by the end of spring of 2022 utilizing the road closure and an off-site detour.

Warren County
Project Type:
Bridge Replacement