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Albany International Airport Hangars

Objective: Foit-Albert Associates, as a subconsultant, was responsible services related to the design of new aircraft hangars at the Albany International Airport.

Foit-Albert’s architects designed a hangar for helicopters using a pre-engineered metal building. This prototype was then used for 3 additional buildings.  The hangars each house 2 Blackhawk helicopters and it is for DMNA (Division of Military and Naval Affairs). They are 160’ wide by 80’ deep and 34’ high. Each helicopter hangar door weighs 9,000 lbs. and has a clear opening of 19’ high.

Foit-Albert also performed code review on the project which involved looking into more fire codes and special items that pertain to aircraft hangars.

Foit-Albert provided construction administration services. The hangars were completed in December 2020 in time for January 1st delivery of 8 new Blackhawk helicopters. The schedule was extremely tight with no room for errors in maintaining the deadline.

Challenge/Solution: This construction took place at the Albany Airport and must not interrupt the regular airport operations. There are also height restrictions for the hangars and cranes used to construct them because of the planes landing and taking off.

Albany Airport Authority