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Victor Street – Bronx, NY

Foit-Albert Associates, as Prime Consultant, was requested to review the existing conditions at the rear façade of 1858 Victor Street, Bronx, NY. A covering over the existing brick masonry façade is deteriorated and delaminating from the masonry. A part of the scope included environmental services for a limited screening for lead based paint (LBP), asbestos containing materials (ACMs), and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) from the residential building.

Foit-Albert environmental scientists sampled materials on the roof and rear façade that being: two (2) representative paint chip sample from the exterior of the residence and sent for lead based paint, and another sample of two (2) sent for PCB’s.

Also, scientist collected a total of 44 samples from 22 homogeneous materials. Specifically, shingles, paint, black roof paper, mortar, caulk, cement coating, tar paper, sealant material, asphalt siding.

The report documented the results based on laboratory reports. For this project it was determined that lead based paint was prominent and 5 materials tested positive for asbestos. As required, asbestos abatement and specifications for the removal and disposal of lead-based paint was added to the construction scope of work.

Dormitory Authority State of New York
Project Type:
Limited Inspection for Asbestos Material, Lead Paint and PCB Summary