Foit-Albert Associates

Environmental Compliance Audits

Environmental Compliance Audits It is often difficult for our clients to keep up with changes in environmental laws and regulations.  Our staff is fully qualified to do complete environmental compliance audits for a variety of facilites.  Our staff works proactively with our clients to ensure that their facilities/companies are in full compliance with local, state, and federal environmental laws and regulations.  We also work in cooperation with owners serving as a liaison for regulatory compliance. 

Our goal is to proactively and efficiently evaluate a facility prior to a state or federal regulatory inspection.  We work with clients to alleviate any environmental issues in a cost-effective and consistent manner. Conducting an environmental audit is a sound precaution and a proactive measure in today's heavily regulated environment. Indeed, evidence suggests that an environmental audit has a valuable role to play, encouraging systematic incorporation of environmental perspectives into many aspects of an organization's overall operation, helps to trigger new awareness and new priorities in policies and practices.