Foit-Albert Associates

Foit-Albert Owner's Representation Services

Survey ExperienceAs an Owner's representative, Foit-Albert Associates, Architecture, Engineering and Surveying, P.C. represents the best interests of our clients in the planning, design and/or construction process of a project. The specific scope of services varies depending on Owner or Funding Agency's interests in the project, but in general, Owner representation services include design and construction project-related services performed on direct behalf of an Owner-Agency. The objective of an Owner-representation service contract is to provide an Owner-Agency with the temporary staffing and expertise needed to initiate and implement and/or monitor the Owner-Agency's construction project. The Owner representative is primarily hired to be the Owner-Agency's "eyes and ears" on the construction site, but can also act as a technical advisor in nearly all aspects of the preconstruction and construction progress from start to finish. In general, the role is similar to "Clerk of the Works," but not as narrowly defined.